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ARCADA® Firearms and Airsoft Shooting Training Systems Technology

Since 2003 Arcada Company has been continuously developing and improving the Ultrasonic Detection Technology, originally designed for the use in aerospace industry, aiming to deliver the most innovative shooting training solution. Specifically engineered for the Russian Army, Police and Security Forces, today ARCADA® Shooting Training Systems due to their superior performance, simplicity in use and unsurpassed reliability are utilized for advanced firearms and safe airsoft training throughout the world.

ARCADA® How It Works

The image of the selected target or scenario is transmitted to the sensory shooting screen through the computer via the projector. When a bullet hits the sensory screen, ARCADA® patented Ultrasonic Shot Detection System defines its coordinates in a fraction of a second with absolute accuracy and an appropriate reaction is displayed on the screen (e.g. bullet hole in the target, enemy falling down etc.).

ARCADA® Unique Technologies:

  • Wide sensory shooting screens from 1x2m to 2.5x5m immerse the trainees into the realistic virtual combat situations.
  • Ultimate reliability – ARCADA® Shooting Training Systems are designed to withstand any tough conditions in the firing range (high / low temperature, humidity etc.).
  • Durable Shot Detection System does not depend on firearms training intensity and endurance.
  • Significant saving on a bullet catcher - ARCADA® sensory shooting screen is engineered to stop bullets.
  • ARCADA® patented Ultrasonic Shot Detection System registers up to 3000 shots per minute. No shot will be lost even closely grouped ones.
  • The use of innovative Ultrasonic Detection Technology does not require End User Certificate.
  • ARCADA® Shooting Training Systems support live fire and airsoft weapons along with regular ammunition without any laser inserts.
  • Zero consumption of paper targets during the training.
  • Advanced shooting training with professional courseware ARCADA® 10: virtual targetry, interactive video and 3D scenarios, “Hogan’s Alley” tactical course, shoot / don’t shoot decision making course, hunter course, trap-shooting, video and photo converters.

    Interactive Shooting Systems ARCADA® -
    Technical Specifications
    Model LF50-25 LF40-20 A24-12 A20-10
    Overall dimensions of shooting screen, mm 5090x3145
    Projected image dimensions, mm 5000x2500 4000x2000 2400x1200 2000x1000
    Material of shooting screen Steel alloy Duralumin alloy
    Shooting screen weight, kg 2300 1300 40 30
    Rate of fire, shots per minute 3000 3000 3000 3000
    Accuracy, mm 5 5 2 2
    Minimum shooting distance (projector on the floor), m 9 8 5 4
    Minimum shooting distance (projector on the ceiling), m 5 5 4 4
    Minimum space for shooting system installation, m 6ő12 5ő12 3ő6 2,5ő5
    Operating supply voltage of hit detection system, V 5
    Power consumption of hit detection system, W 0,2
    Power consumption of turnkey shooting system, kW 0,6

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