Interactive Shooting Training Systems ARCADA®

Arcada Company has been designing and manufacturing hardware and software for Interactive Shooting Training Systems ARCADA® since 2003. The extensive background in firing ranges design and build as well as the continuous research and development of cutting-edge Ultrasonic Detection Technology, used in the aerospace industry, enable us to offer the most innovative firearms training solutions. ARCADA Company is the first in the industry to implement 3D Technology in shooting training systems courseware, bringing high realism and superior functional capabilities into the firearms training process. Initially designed for the Russian Army, Police and Special Forces firearms training, ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire and Airsoft Shooting Ranges are now effectively used by military, defense and security forces, law enforcement agencies, training academies, police departments, gun stores, commercial and private indoor shooting ranges worldwide.

Arcada Company is a privately-owned enterprise with the headquarters and the technical research center in St. Petersburg, Russia. For the convenience of our customers outside Russia, ARCADA Company has a European Union manufacturing facility for the supplies of ARCADA® product line throughout the world. ARCADA® technologically advanced Live Fire and Airsoft Shooting Training Systems are utilized efficiently by military and law enforcement professionals as well as by commercial indoor ranges in the European Union, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, Middle East, Turkey, India, Australia, Japan. ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Training Systems have been exhibited at the major international trade fairs: International Forum “Army” Moscow, Interpolitex Moscow, Milipol Paris / Qatar, IWA Germany.


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