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Firearms and Airsoft Training Systems ARCADA®

ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Systems are hi-tech firearms and airsoft training solutions for both professional and commercial indoor firing ranges. The current digital shooting systems can be divided into two categories: electronic targets and training simulators. Electronic targets provide sufficiently accurate results and are extensively used in shooting sport. However, due to physical limits of shot detection principle (acoustic or IR-photometric), electronic scoring system is vulnerable to environmental influences (temperature, humidity, dust, lighting etc.) and has small-sized target frame. Training simulators, primarily using simulated laser weapons, are good for beginners training, but are ineffective for advanced reactive close quarter shooting drills. Live fire versions of training simulators are based on electronic target systems shot detection principles and therefore have their disadvantages: vulnerability to environmental influences and small-sized shooting screens. ARCADA® Ultrasonic Shot Detection System makes use of up-to-date Modal Analysis methods. Our innovative sensory shooting screens are wide, fast-acting, bulletproofing and are designed to withstand any adverse conditions in the firing range. They do not require consumables change and constant maintenance. The fundamental engineering principles of ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Systems are effectiveness, simplicity in use, ultimate reliability for real firearms and airsoft training.

A professional firearms training course involves basic weapon manipulation drills (safe firearms handling, sight alignment, etc.), classic training with targets focusing on shooting accuracy and speed, advanced use-of-force training program (drills for close quarter combat encounters and shoot / donít shoot decision making). ARCADA® Firearms and Airsoft Shooting System courseware contains a combination of comprehensive virtual targetry and a set of specific human representational targets designed to conduct tactical training. Due to multiple 3D-environments and random-based shooting targets, trainees significantly improve their marksmanship, tactical combat techniques and critical decision-making skills. Video scenarios and photo targets are widely used in force-on-force drills, but differ greatly depending on country-specific legislation and firearms training programs. ARCADA® courseware is focused on giving the range users an option to easily and quickly create their own video scenarios and targets applying special software converters. All ARCADA® courses including targetry, tactical shooting, hunting, entertainment scenarios provide extremely immersive, dynamic and challenging training to firearms and airsoft shooters.

Arcada Company has been designing and manufacturing hardware and software for Interactive Shooting Training Systems ARCADA® since 2003. The extensive background in firing ranges design and build as well as the continuous research and development of cutting-edge Ultrasonic Detection Technology, used in the aerospace industry, enable us to offer the most innovative firearms training solutions. ARCADA Company is the first in the industry to implement 3D Technology in shooting training systems courseware, bringing high realism and superior functional capabilities into the firearms training process. Initially designed for the Russian Army, Police and Special Forces firearms training, ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire and Airsoft Shooting Ranges are now effectively used by military, defense and security forces, law enforcement agencies, training academies, police departments, gun stores, commercial and private indoor shooting ranges worldwide.

Arcada Company is a privately-owned enterprise with the headquarters and the technical research center in St. Petersburg, Russia. For the convenience of our customers outside Russia, ARCADA Company has a European Union manufacturing and logistics facility for the supplies of ARCADA® product line throughout the world. ARCADA® technologically advanced Live Fire and Airsoft Shooting Training Systems are utilized efficiently by military and law enforcement professionals as well as by commercial indoor ranges in the European Union, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, Middle East, Turkey, India, Australia, Japan. ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Training Systems have been exhibited at the major international trade fairs: International Forum ďArmyĒ Moscow, Interpolitex Moscow, Milipol Paris / Qatar, IWA Germany.

ARCADA® Firearms and Airsoft Shooting Training Systems Unique Advantages:

  • The most innovative physical method for determining shot location.
  • The fastest shooting systems that track up to 3000 shots per minute.
  • The widest shooting screens up to 2.5x5 m with 5 lanes on a single system.
  • Ultimate reliability under any adverse conditions in the firing range.
  • Unsurpassed durability for intensive firearms shooting training.

  • One of a kind Airsoft Shooting Training System.
  • The only Firearms Shooting Training System with the integrated bullet catcher.
  • Truly mobile 40ft Container Shooting Range without any outside modifications.
  • The total lack of consumables (paper targets or paper screens) in firearms training.
  • Advanced Military, Use of Force and Individual shooting training courseware.

  • Highly functional virtual targetry and hits / misses review.
  • Extremely dynamic and comprehensible 3D and video scenarios to shoot.
  • Photo and Video Converters to create your own shooting scenarios.
  • Fair prices and high returns on investments in firearms / airsoft training systems.
  • Superior performance and immediate tech support.
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